Meet the team


Founded by Creative Director Laurenne, the team behind Hound Dog Creatives has delivered graphic design solutions, website design projects and print services for iconic brands for over 35 years including Porsche Club UK, Shell International and Christie’s Auction House.

Laurenne Dorgan

Creative director

Laurenne is the passionate beating heart of the agency and the creative influence behind the brands the agency works with. Laurenne’s extensive multi-national corporate experience brings innovative solutions and iconic brand designs to her clients. Laurenne’s unique understanding of the print industry enables Hound Dog Creatives to provide the full brand journey from conception through to consumer. Laurenne is hands-on and passionate about ensuring each and every client see their brand come to life.

Laurenne Dorgan portrait
Arnaud Mouysset director of photography


Customer design liaison

Having spent many years in service, hospitality and design industries, Arnaud brings a fresh, innovative and contemporary approach to solving complex design and production finishes. His unique eye and ability to understand and interpret the client’s needs not only compliments the strengths of the other team members, but brings brands to life with visual flair and soul.


Founder of Hound Dog Creatives

Buster is the inspiration behind the Hound Dog Creative brand – intelligent, playful, loyal and can sniff out the smallest of detail, Buster sets the standards for the rest of the team to work to! Boundless energy with a touch of mischief. As well as being a really great foot warmer, Buster is present for each and every project we work on!

Buster the hound